I can’t begin to thank you guys enough for all of your support, it really means a lot to me to know that so many people value my opinion. I am really happy that I can actually put my graphic design knowledge from college (lawl a rhyme, har-har-har) that I’ve been receiving over the past 3 years in order to help other people out, it’s such a good feeling and I love doing it! 

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Oh my goodness! Curlycue looks so cute in your style! >w< 

Thank you for the feature!


Now you can go make your own flower-crowns! Aren’t they just the cutest!


Featuring askcurlycue ((Go follow her she’s cute!))

My head has never felt so- so amazing. TwT

Imma make more pixels!


Who wants a pixel?//Who should be pixel-fied?






5 slots left~!

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My biggest fan- Ask Shiningstar and Skyla

My favorite blog-Ask miss Romancedy

A new tumblr-Ask Flowercrown

And a random tumblr-Ask Violetrain


Fanny Pack: Of course I have fanny packs for candy! Also, it’s made of a special material so your candy won’t melt inside of it! Pretty convenient, huh ask-sugarfields and askcurlycue ?


Oh my gosh. Cinnamon treats- I adore your style&#8230;.why would you draw me babbu? your arts to good for me! XD I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The face is perfect- so is EVERYTHING! AHHHHHHHHHH! 

Oh my gosh. Cinnamon treats- I adore your style….why would you draw me babbu? your arts to good for me! XD I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The face is perfect- so is EVERYTHING! AHHHHHHHHHH! 


Thank you guys so so much! I drew some of my favourite followers as a thank you. I would have drawn more, but going through all of you only to find blogs filled with nothing but reblogs without reference sheets was exhausting, sorry. ovo’

Ponies in order:
Curly Cue askcurlycue
Bree breealliereplies
Moonlight Sonata ask-moonlightsonata
Tracy asktracyflash
Bubble askbubblepop
Ayasha ayasha-the-pony
Thauma ask-thaumaturge-pony
Lola ask-pegasus-lola
Logan craptastics (I hope this will cheer you up at least a little bit ;^;) 
Shadow shadow-horsie
Golden Pen ask-goldenpen
Cold Flame ask-coldflame
Potluck ask-potluck  (I have no idea what happened but I hope you’ll be back!)
Pastel ask-pastel
Skylark alskylark
Dennybutt dennybutt
Scrappaper ask-scrappaper
Satine satine-pony

Again, thank you all guys, you are all awesome! Love you! <3

Thank you so much for adding in Curlycue! I was genuinely surprised that I’m one of your favorite blogs. X3  

I would like to congratulate you for coming this far- for how much your art has improved….and everything else! I wish you good luck; and many more followers.

Ask Curlycue-No.26

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Ask Curlycue-No.25

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Ask Curlycue-No.24

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